Andy Merrick’s Story: I Know

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New Blog

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I am planning on removing some accounts.  Could you please create a new blog and then go to –>Tools –>Export–>Export to a WordPress site –>All Content–>Download


And then at your new site Import–>Wordpress–>Choose File and import into your new blog


Thank you,

Mr. McGuire


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Okay I am really bored…. This isn’t a picture of right now but it’s pretty much the same…. I’m sitting in bed and my cat is in the room…. But like before I don’t ever get on my blog and I’m sorry I will have to find some time to get on it and just update you guys but thanks for stayin on and if your new welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy… May the odds be ever in your favor… Goodbye 🙂

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Okay I am super scared of spiders and here was a spider on the bus and the my friend grabbed it and threw it at me!!!!! I thought that I was gonna die I was petrified for my life!!

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Haven’t been on for a while

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Okay so i havent been on my blog for a while and if you people still come to my blog thank you very much. I love this blog but i never have the time to get onto it and write stuff. Well today is a snow day for my school so i figured i would get on here and write something but I truthfully have no clue what to write about beside me telling you that i have nothing to talk about whick is kinda weird but oh well I’m weird. Image